Red Beaver Events

17:30 Wednesday, 15 July - 18:00 Wednesday, 15 July
Lashing a tripod
17:30 Wednesday, 29 July - 18:00 Wednesday, 29 July
Quiz and games night
19:30 Friday, 31 July - 17:00 Sunday, 02 August
17:30 Wednesday, 12 August - 18:00 Wednesday, 12 August
Collector badge
17:30 Wednesday, 26 August - 18:00 Wednesday, 26 August
Party Night

Yellow Beaver Events

19:30 Friday, 31 July - 17:00 Sunday, 02 August

At 1st Burnmoor our Beaver colony is thriving, so much so we're full and have young people who will miss out on the opportunity to join.

The Plan

We have a plan to increase our Beaver colony from 24 members to 36, to do this we'll split the colony in to two groups, they will meet at the same time but will run alternating programs, for example one group may be in the hall doing crafts and the other doing archery, swapping the following week.

The Benefits

The key benefit is we can offer Scouting to more young people and we'll be able to offer better programs and more adventure as we get out of the hall more often.

The trial

We will be trialling this new structure for the remainder of the term and will review later in the year before we make the decision to grow in January.

How to support us

We need your help by sending your Beavers well prepared to be outdoors at every meeting night, we might not be outdoors as we have other rooms in the hall, the Activity Tunnel and the Activity Bus but being prepared is what will make this work. We also would love more volunteers, we've had 5 volunteers join our Beaver colony this term which is making this growth possible but there's always room for more help.

If you have any questions or would like more information about getting involved please speak to a leader or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.