Cub Events

00:00 Tuesday, 26 January
Scouting from Home - Armpit Fudge
18:15 Wednesday, 27 January - 19:00 Wednesday, 27 January
Zoom Mug Pizza
00:00 Wednesday, 03 February
Scouting from Home - Dear Future Me
18:15 Wednesday, 10 February - 19:00 Wednesday, 10 February
Zoom Meeting - Chinese Dragons
00:00 Wednesday, 17 February
Scouting from Home - Tin Can Pancakes
18:15 Wednesday, 24 February - 19:00 Wednesday, 24 February
Zoom Meeting - Games & Investitures
00:00 Wednesday, 03 March
Scouting from Home - Artist
18:15 Wednesday, 10 March - 19:00 Wednesday, 10 March
Zoom Meeting - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
00:00 Wednesday, 17 March
Scouting from Home - Irish Cupcakes
18:15 Wednesday, 24 March - 19:00 Saturday, 24 April
Zoom Meeting - Self Portrait

Wow!! Fantastic night with Cubs on the return of face to face Scouting. We couldn’t have asked for more when it came to following guidelines, they were all amazing. We’re thrilled to have them back. 

What a hoot we’ve had tonight!!

Excellent behaviour from all and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the toboggans. They should all sleep well tonight after running back up hill.

Unfortunately due to the muddy ground conditions we decided it was too dangerous to go to the fire, so cubs made there toasties and chocolate bananas inside and a leader then took them down to the fire.

All worked out in the end :-)