Cub Events

18:45 Wednesday, 22 January - 20:15 Wednesday, 22 January
Chinese New Year
18:45 Wednesday, 29 January - 20:15 Wednesday, 29 January
Animal Sanctuary
18:45 Wednesday, 05 February - 20:15 Wednesday, 05 February
Unnamed meeting
18:45 Wednesday, 12 February - 20:15 Wednesday, 12 February
Sports Activity
18:45 Wednesday, 26 February - 20:15 Wednesday, 26 February
18:45 Wednesday, 04 March - 20:15 Wednesday, 04 March
Bug Hunt
18:45 Wednesday, 11 March - 20:15 Wednesday, 11 March
Backwoods Cooking
18:45 Wednesday, 18 March - 20:15 Wednesday, 18 March
Mother’s Day
18:45 Wednesday, 25 March - 20:15 Wednesday, 25 March
Bird Feeders
18:00 Wednesday, 01 April - 20:00 Wednesday, 01 April
Penshaw Sing-a-Thon

Well done to Theo our first member of the academic year to get their Chief Scout award. 
All our leaders from all sections are working hard on programmes to ensure we have many more members at the awards in September 2020. 
In order to get the Chief Scout Award members must have good attendance and attend as many events and camps as possible as there’s lots to cover for the award.
Well done to Steph and all the volunteers at Cubs.

90 Challenge #79 - Write a poem about Scouting  


Jamie P - Cubs - My Poem About Scouting:


Beavers , Cubs and Scouts

That’s what it’s all about


Burnmoor Scouts is the best

And you will be very impressed


Scouts are heading your way

We’re here and we’re here to stay


Our adventure garden has had a big change

It now has an archery and rifle range


The apples are ripe and the plums are red

Our Burnmoor garden has a bus for a bed!


Campfires, games and amazing dens

Burnmoor friends will never end….