Over the last 12 months things have been relatively quiet within our grounds, this has lead to a build up of tree fall.

We need volunteers to pick up the branches that have fallen from the trees throughout the winter months, the areas to collect from are those surrounding the path and activities areas in the woodlands to the right hand side and bottom of the grounds.

Once collected these can be moved to the campfire woodpile.

(Note. the trees throughout the grounds are monitored and have regular preventative maintained to ensure safety)

Remember to be safe:

  • Do not climb the wood pile.
  • Do not climb the trees.
  • Use a wheel barrow when needed and don't overload.

Have green fingers?

We need volunteers to weed and maintain the community garden surrounding our picnic area, along with weeding the areas surrounding the newly planted trees alongside the polly tunnel and archery range.

Remember to be safe:

  • Wear gardening gloves.
  • Closely supivise young people with gardening tools.

Our grounds have a vast history, from the old railway line, fish and chip shop and the old allotments, all this has left its mark with old bricks and rubble that surfaces across the site.

We need volunteers to collect the rubble and move it to one area so it can be safely managed. 

Throughout the woodland and campfire area, surrounding the new car park and paths there is rubble to be moved.

There is a designated area down near the campfire behind the climbing area fence marked with a traffic cone for it to be moved to.

Remember to be safe:

  • Don't lift anything to heavy.
  • Use a wheel barrow when needed and don't overload.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Litter is constantly blown in, thrown in and dropped within the grounds and needs to be regularly collected.

We have a number of litter pickers available which are stored in the polly tunnel along with bin bags.

Once done the rubbish can be put in (or beside if full) the green wheelie bin by the front doors.

Remember to stay safe:

  • Wear gloves.
  • Don't pick anything up by hand.
  • Use the hand sanitizer available onsite to clean hands once finished.