Knives are a key tool in bush craft and survival skills which is an important part of Scouting.

1st Burnmoor Scouts are committed to the responsible use of knives within the programme.

To ensure safety the following rules must always be followed:

  • These rules refer to use of pen knives, lock knives or fixed blade knives. Kitchen knives and craft knives also could harm others, so should be used with equal care, direction and supervision.
  • Scouts are not permitted to bring knives to meetings, events or camps, this is to make sure that knives are only available at appropriate times.
  • Beavers and Cubs are not permitted to use knives, knife safety forms part of the survival skills activity badge for Scouts and its important knife users are able to understand the law and responsibilities relating to knives, so it is appropriate that we only teach this to Scouts and older members.
  • The group will hold a set of knives which will be kept in a locked box when not in use and we will ensure knives are well maintained. Scouts do not have to spend money on their own knife.
  • Any activity with the use of knives will always be supervised by leaders or helpers with the correct knowledge about 1st Burnmoor’s policy and training.
  • Training will be carried out with Scouts which will include; method, maintenance, safety, first aid and law based on the Scouts Knife Safety factsheet. Once training is complete they will undergo an assessment to ensure they have understood the training, if the leader is satisfied with the Scouts knowledge they will issue them with a knife activity permit which will be valid for one year.
  • Before Scouts can use a knife during an activity they will need to show a knife activity permit. It is the Scouts responsibility to bring the knife activity permit and will not be able to take part without it.
  • When using knives Scouts must uses the correct methods learnt in training and carry out the activity in a safe, responsible manner.
  • Breaking the rules may result in the loss of knife activity permit, suspension or dismissal.
  • Leaders and adult helpers may bring their own knives when appropriate to do so, they must be used in a safe manor and not be used by young people. When not in use they must be kept safely out of the reach from young people.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate to speak to a leader