1st Burnmoor’s Code of Conduct

  • Respect everyone, property, equipment and time.
  • Listen to each other and avoid inappropriate shouting.
  • Avoid bad language, physical contact and bullying behavior.
  • Be quiet and sensible during ceremonies and explanations.
  • Be smart, punctual and wear our uniform with pride.
  • Get involved and give our best effort to all activities.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary items to meetings (food, toys, games, etc)
  • Keep the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.
  • Have fun!

Consequences Should the Code not be Kept

  • If I can't behave according to the code I will be given a warning.
  • If my poor behavior continues then I will miss 5 minutes of the activity.
  • If I still misbehave then my parents will be informed.
  • If I repeat poor behavior each week I may be asked to leave the group.