1st Burnmoor Scout Group was formed in 1929 as New Lambton council schools group, and met in a building near the current burnmoor petrol station, the Headteacher Mr Galley, a motor cycle enthusiast, was the Scoutmaster (his adopted son Michael Galley is a Scout Leader at 55th Sunderland today). He and a Mr Pratt and headmaster Mr lambton were the founding members.

In the early 30's Mr W. G. Henderson, an insurance agent became Scoutmaster, he had been a scoutmaster at 1st Herrington; The Group's name changed to 1st Burnmoor and they still met in a building near the current Burnmoor filling station. Mr Henderson fought in the war with the RAF and was killed in action in 1944.

Herrington ScoutsAfter the war another 1st Herrington assistant Scoutmaster became 1st Burnmoor Scoutmaster, his name was Mr Robert Forster, a coal mine fitter at sixth pit. He became known as Skip. The group now met at a old chapel hall near the beck at the top of the dip, down from the current scout hall.



When the NCB hiredopen hall hall at Lambton, had it's lead pinched and the group decided they would try to build their own HQ. Local people and businesses raised money, along with the group, they purchased some land for £400.00 from Lord Lambton.


On a fantastic weekend on the 23rd & 24th November 2013 Burnmoor Scouts helped by Scouts from 4th chester le Street, Centurion Explorer Unit, Chester le Street District Scouts and our community planted 680 trees in our new garden. Most trees were planted as a hedge but some were used to create a new woodland.

This is a list of who planted where so you can keep looking as the years go by to see how your tree is progressing.

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