1st Burnmoor are currently working on plans to resume face-to-face meetings and activities. These decisions need to be made within a national framework (‘The Scouts’ Framework’) designed to help everyone stay safe. The Scouts’ Framework is aligned with government-approved guidance for the youth sector developed by the National Youth Agency (NYA).

Our priority is to keep young people and adult volunteers safe. To do this we will follow The COVID Code:

  1. A COVID-safe risk assessment has been completed and we have communicated control measures to volunteers, young people and parents and all are encouraged to raise concerns
  2. Additional hygiene measures are in place
  3. Social Distancing will be observed (check current distance determined by your Government)
  4. Maximum group sizes will be limited and determined by scouts.org.uk and members will be consistent where possible
  5. Make adjustments for young people and adults vulnerable or affected by COVID, and consult to make sure return plans are accessible and inclusive

In line with government-approved Youth Sector Guidance, we expect to see a phased approach to returning to face-to-face Scout meetings and activities.  This is broken down by four levels:

Readiness level Red - Rate of infection is remaining consistent or growing.

  • Digital programme delivery
  • No face to face actvities or meeting
  • No residential activities (camps or sleepovers)

Readiness level Amber - Rate of infection is reducing consistently in all parts of the country.

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Small group sessions can take place outdoors
  • No residential activities (camps or sleepovers)

Readiness level Yellow - Number of cases low and decreasing, full Track and Trace system in place.

  • Digital programme delivery
  • Small group sessions can take place indoors and outdoors 
  • No residential activities (camps or sleepovers)

Readiness level Green - No new cases or a vaccine is readily available.

  • All activities can resume in line with government guidance


The Readiness level in England has now changed from Red to Amber, so group sessions can take place outdoors with a group size of 15 people or less.

Before we can resume face to face we have some work and planning to be done, we will also need to share with everyone the steps we are taking as a part of The COVID Code to keep our young people and volunteers safe, we hope to update everyone in the coming weeks regarding this.


Please see here for information about continuing Scouting during this time. Scouting at home


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