Scout Active Suport

Essential Information is a mandatory module for nearly all adults in Scouting and is the only training module required for SAS members.  It provides the basic information required for individuals getting started in adult roles in Scouting, vital to ensuring that all young people can enjoy safe Scouting. Topics covered:

  • The Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Structure and support
  • Safety in Scouting
  • Safeguarding- child protection
  • Safeguarding- anti-bullying

There are two parts to the training:

E-Learning or Training Course

To complete the training please click the link below for the E-Learning, this will take approximately 50 minutes, once complete you will be displayed a certificate, please print your certificate or take a screen shot of the page, do not save the web link as an alternative to printing the certificate, as this will expire once you leave the browser and your certificate will be lost. Alternately there are essential Information courses, please speak to your SAS manager for more information.

Click here for E-Learning



Once you have completed the E-Learning you will need to validate your training with a training advisor, at this point the certificate can be shared with your training adviser and you will then have a small chat about the contents of the E-Learning. Training advisors run drop in sessions at 1st Burnmoor and throughout the district, your SAS manager can inform you when these sessions take place. We can also request validation sessions at camps and events.