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alt    This is a design of a wood burning stove I found on the web. Simply a tin can with air holes drilled in & some wire added to the top as a pot stand. The fuel, a handfull of twigs, are ignited by a sprinkling of meths. The heat created by the meths releases the gases in the wood below. Once the gases are used up the wood will have changed to charcoal which then burns and produces heat. The half pint of cold water I placed in the top can was very hot but not boiling when after 5 minutes the fuel ran out. The silver foil around the cans acts as a wind break and a heat shield.
I would give this stove a construction rating of Beaver Smile
and an ease of use rating of
A cup of tea in 5 to 10 minutes!Tongue out

alt      This is the 2nd stove design I constructed and tested. A simple variation to the 1st design being, the pot stand is part of the stove body. Three tabs are cut, 1inch long, down from the rim of the can and folded inwards at 90 degree's. The other variation is that the can used as the stove has a slightly larger diameter than the pot. Again I used a wind break while it was in use but this time I used more wood fuel. I had a rolling boil in 5 minutes and the fuel lasted 8 minutes.
I would give this stove a construction rating of CubLaughing
and an ease of use rating of Beaver,Smile
A cup of tea in 5 minutes!Smile

alt     The 3rd and final stove constructed & tested was a Meths burner. Taking a drinks can, you cut the top section containing the drinking hole, out as far as the rim, leaving the rim intact. You then cut the top of the can off to the height of 2 inch's and the botton off at a height of 1 & quarter inch's. The top section has cuts made upwards to the sides of the can of 1 & half inch's long, creating lots of tabs which you bend inwards slightly. You then push the 2 sections together and fill with Meths. Light the meths, allow time to heat up and then place the pot on the top. The heat creates gas which escapes out between the joint in the 2 sections creating heat as it burns. A wind shield is required, again from foil.
I would give this stove a construction rating of ScoutFoot in mouth
and an ease of use rating of Scout,Foot in mouth
A cup of tea in only 3 minutes!Cool