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Here is my first attempt at making a hammock & tarp. Having bought a £6 net hammock from an Army navy store & finding it spectacularly small but comfortable at summer camp, I looked at buying another hammock of the correct size. Unfortunately my budget was far to small to purchase a hammock for a person over 6 foot tall! So while looking for prices on the internet I came across a wed site called Just Jeff's hiking page in America(www.backtothewoods). This is a gold mine of information on making your own hammocks. I sourced the materials from A.M.S fabrics in Washington and the ropes from Cotswold outdoor equiment shop in Durham. My mum lent me her sewing machine and hey prestow 3 days later I had an unhappy wife and a finished hammock & tarp. To be honest the hammock took very little work, 2 seams sewn, 2 whipping knots at each end of the material & the hammock was ready to be supported by the 2 ropes with a larks head knot in each. But the English weather being what it is, a tarp is an essential and a lot more work.
      Sleeping in a hammock is very comfortable and with the right gear, warm & dry. I guess you can have hammock and tarp bought for as little as £15. Lets get a weekend trial camp organised a bit like the Brown sea island experience, hammocks & open fire cooking! Anyone interested?
homemade hammock mk1