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What equipment & clothing will I need to go camping? Good question! You must understand that your environment will be different to that of your home environment. Weather, will it be hot or cold, windy, wet? The possibilities are endless, so you must try and match your equipment to the weather conditions you may encounter. Logistics?How will you & your personal equipment be moved? Will you have to carry it any great distance or will it be transported on the back of a Reg Vardy Lorry?

(Suggested gear list for Cub camp, 2 nights @ Haltwhistle)

Bedding.Roll mat, 2 season sleeping bag, (cotton inner sheet), (breathable bivvy bag).

Footwear. Old trainers, walking boots, water shoes.

Toiletries. 1 medium/1 hand/1 tea towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush + paste, hairbrush.

Cutlery(metal/plastic marked with initials). plate, bowl, Knife/fork/spoon, Cup.
wool hat, rain/sun hat.

Feet. sock thin x2, thick x2

Hands. warm gloves, work gloves.

Body. T shirt x3, sweat shirt x2, warm coat x1, rain coat x1 (poncho x1)

Legs. underwear x3, swim costume x1, warm jogging trousers x1, tough wearing trousers x1, (walking trousers), (Water proof trousers), Shorts x 2.

Miscellaneous. Torch & spare batteries, sun cream, sun glasses, black bin liners, Holdall/rucksack, (camp blanket), small 1st aid kit, uniform, water bottle.(disposable camera).

Note - Items in brackets are optional extras that can add benefits to your experience!Undecided

This is not a must have list, but saying that, things like soap are! It’s not a fashion competition and don’t take anything to camp you could not replace readably (e.g. school shoes). Camp is a rough & corrosive place for equipment. Water, fire, mud & playing in woodland all combine to ruin clothes & equipment! But “Look after your equipment & your equipment will look after you”!

What will you be doing at camp? What do you want to do? Give us your idea’s & we will try our best to make them happen! At camp we try to do as much badge work as we can, you must also remember you are looking after yourself to a degree. Therefore there is work to be done, Scout Work! You need to put your tents up, set out your camp site with flag pole, washing line, boundary fence etc. There will be wood to collect for the camp fire. You must work as a team to get these things done so you can then enjoy doing the other activates that other people have worked hard to put on for you. For example our GSL planned a Y-game in 2009 that took us many miles from camp using transport, canoes, escaping from prison cells, camouflage techniques, searching for plutonium cells in rabbit holes and getting chased through woods. We can also learn how to light & cook on open fires, make shelters, build rafts/boats, fly kites, fish, canoe, play Y games! It is your camp, your imagination, use it!Surprised

The scout leaders have allowed the cubs room in the same field as their lads & dads camp. This means we are able to enjoy meals and camp fires as one group. The site boasts woodland, a river and a big open camp field. Drinking water is bussed in from a local farm. There are separate gents & ladies toilets. You will need dropping off & picking up from the camp site. No electronic equipment or knifes are permitted at cub camp! Any further questions or you need help in any way, please talk to a cub leader.Smile