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Wednesday 17th June 

Woohoo! Finally, Campfire Night. Even though it was a lovely sunny night it was still just right. “Any night is a good night for a fire!” Sure that is an actual Baden Powell quote.

 Connor and Ben started by giving “Twisted fire starter” advice to all the cubs and of course H and S guidelines were clearly stated. Next Akela sent all the cubs to get bricks to make fire pits. Each six was then given 20 minutes to collect their kindling and any unique items that they thought would make the best fire.

(cubs building fires)

The challenge began with each of our 4 sixes preparing their fires under the suspended string. The six to burn through the string first would win. Blue six started really well with excellent team planning and resource collection. 3 of the 4 sixes managed to get a fire started mainly through the excellent use of their unique items (Connor and Ben.) Firelighters and toilet roll got the last fire going. Is this cheating in scout law? Apparently although moss has many great uses, starting fires is not one if it is wet! The smoke by this point was thick so we hope Kate and Owen’s eyes are better today.

(almost high enough to burn the string)

As they burned towards the string, we all used our large campfire to roast marshmallows. A perfect evening! We ran out of time before the fires burnt the string, but as Anya said TIME FLIES WHEN YOU ARE HAVING FUN! 

(sure looks like Chil was having fun)

LEGAL NOTE: The leaders apologise sincerely for the rancid stink of smoke to all cub’s parents and their own families. Then again, you better get used to it! 


Next adventure is Saturday when we go off to the cub celebration with 800 other cubs and leaders at Moorhouse.