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Things started in the rain but the week perked up after a bit of O alala.

Cake making became an industry, so we had to open a waterfront coffee shop to raise some money. The Explorer Scouts had a wander up the local hill and ate some billberries. They also came down a hill using a big wire after some via ferrating.

Scouts learned to light fires with lessons from a mystery bushman and a Dinner of sausage and mash was cooked over an open fire. 

Sailing went well even without the wind and the explorers learnt a lesson or two about bungs and boats. 

We will deny all knowledge of fire ships on the lake.

Canoeing as always went down well and some people got to sleep in a hammock.

The campfires were so good Stephen was inspired to write a book.

The highlight of the week was Ghyll Scrambling and many people want another go.

Of course it rained and blew a gale on the final day.

If you have any other memories of camp or don't agree with the above then send them to us via Adam on the contacts page. The video has been published, if you have not got your copy then ask at Scouts.

Bathenswaite summer camp Cool
Wow, what a great start...
sailing, hiking, archery, canoeing,
shooting, backwoods cooking,
gully scrambleing.
and much more...
well done those who attended, scouts who missed out ask those who went,
you will not want to miss again!
a whole week for £130...
great value !   Smile

A stranger from afar is working some magic (you have to have the stick lined up with the moon) and photos will soon appear hear.