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Were you at one of these camps? Do you have a storey to tell? Click on the link to see the storeys and photographs. Send us your story or photo via the contacts menu. Do you know the details of any other Whit Camps also know as Lads and Dads?

1992 Slaley
1993 Slaley
1994 Slaley
1995 Slaley
1996 Slaley
1997 Slaley
1998 Slaley
1999 Slaley
2000 Slaley Millenium Camp With Cubs and Beavers
2001 Scout Hall (Campsite not available) Foot and Mouth 
2002 Featherstone
2003 Featherstone
2004 Featherstone
2005 Featherstone
2006 Featherstone
2007 Featherstone Scouting 100th aniversary
2008 Featherstone With Cubs
2009 Featherstone
2010 Featherstone With Cubs
2011 Featherstone
2012 Featherstone With Cubs
2013 Featherstone
2014 Featherstone With Cubs