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When google picked a Scout Camp to go on Street View, naturally they decided on ours. Click to see more. Remember to look round the full 360 degrees.
Whit Camp was a fantastic weekend. Well done to Kestrel Patrol who won the Trophy. It was a close run competition and they were only 4 points in the lead. Congratulations to Bethany who won the Best Scout Trophy.
A big thank you to our Fellowship who turned out to help. The incident hike could not have been done without them and the wide game would have been a bit less wide.
Did someone mention Wide Game? When Baden Powell said "Lookwide" this must have been what he meant!   Van rides, Canoes, Kidnap, Hiding in the Woods, Scouts outsmarting the Oldies and Dads showing their true colours.
Dads, Well done for coming along. It's makes a much better camp when you are there - see you next year!

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