Beaver Events

10:00 Sunday, 21 April - 13:15 Sunday, 21 April
St George's Day Parade at Beamish Museum

Well done to our latest Beavers who have achieved the top award in Beavers, the Bronze Chief Scout Award! You will go down in history on the 1st Burnmoor Roll of Honour.


Our Beavers enjoyed a fantastic day out at Durham Scouts Beaver Picnic at Moor House with loads of fun activities to try.   

What an excellent night back at Beavers, we couldn't be more proud under the circumstances. The Beavers adapted really well to the new rules, played some socially distance games and we learned tonight if you have haribo's they really listen.


Pancakes at Beavers tonight. They all made the pancakes mix and the leaders helped with the cooking. Beavers didn't need any help with eating the pancakes. "Better than the ones me mam makes" is what they said.