1st Burnmoor are proud of the vast nights away opportunities that we offer young people with sleepovers, activity weekends, expeditions and greenfield camps.

We couldn’t hold events without the volunteers that support them, the leadership team, SASU and helpers make these happen. To ensure adults follow the rules of the Scout Association and the events run smoothly 1st Burnmoor have the Camp Adult Code of Conduct which all adults on camps and nights away must follow.

Camp Adult Code of Conduct

  • The yellow card is always to be followed.
  • Everyone is responsible for the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • All adults are to help with camp duties.
  • Section leaders are responsible for the young people in each section.
  • Everyone is required at flag break in the mornings.
  • Any concerns should be raised with the camp leader, AGSL or GSL.
  • Any injuries or accidents must be reported to the camp leader.
  • No photos are to be taken of the young people, leaders will ensure photos are taken and shared within the group policy.
  • Noise levels should be kept down after members have gone to bed.
  • Any trips off site should be prearranged with the camp leader and not affect the program.
  • No smoking in the presence of young people.


  • Under 18s must not consume alcohol under any circumstances.
  • Adults must not consume alcohol when they are responsible for young people on an activity.
  • At any one time there will be the correct ratio of responsible adults who must not consume alcohol as per the risk assessment.
  • Adults are not to consume alcohol in the presence of under 18's.
  • If adults are to consume alcohol, it must be in an area separate from young people; adult tents, or after young people are in bed; around the campfire or in the marquee, these areas must be left tidy with no rubbish.
  • Consideration should be given to the effect’s alcohol can have and how it may affect an individual’s ability to fulfil their Scouting duties the next day.