Scouts, young people and adults from around the world, your mission is to defeat the Vegetation Exterminators, you will need to complete each task set below to reveal a Clue Word which you will need to complete your mission.

These tasks are not going to be easy and you may need to train and do some research, but the world needs you. 

You will need something to record your Clue Words as you work through the tasks, younger agents may need an adult to help.

Good luck agent!

You will need to brush up on your Knot skills inorder to defeat the Vegetation Exterminators, below is a series on knots, identify the correct names in order to find the correct Clue Word at the bottom.


Complete the puzzle to find the Clue Word.

Translate the folowing Clue Word.

Don't let this task scramble your mind while you figure out the Clue Word.


Now its time to practice your map reading skills, use the grid references at the bottom to find the Clue Word.

Work out which item goes missing.

Solve the riddle to find the clue word.


Translate the following communication.

Time to practice your code skills, crack the code to get the Clue Word.

Solve the sum to find the Clue Word, look closely!

This line of communication has been compromised. You must now use your Clue Words to find the password, its a 10 letter word.

Once you have the password add it to the end of the web address so you get here you will find details on how to complete your mission.